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Happy Father's Day

William Heyward Hoopes

My dad was a fine and an honorable man and a terrific father.  He is greatly missed.  My sisters and I love this photo of him, taken by a friend while sailing; it conveys his very essence.  Love you Dad. 

"For me, my craft is sailing on

Through mists today, clear seas anon.

Whate'er the final harbor be,

T'is good to sail upon the sea!"

John Kendrick Bangs



Very nice picture and a nice tribute to your Dad!

I had a great time at my reunion. We had the largest attendance so I got to see some I hadn't seen at other reunions.

Melissa Hoopes

Thanks Nancy. He was a terrific guy. I'm glad you had such a good turnout, as well as a fun time at your reunion! Enjoy this gorgeous day.

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