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He looks so... innocent

He looks innocent, doesn't he?  


  Dukie8_11_400This is Duke, named after one of Dan's idols, Duke Ellington.  But I don't know why—our Duke isn't creative, although he is entertaining. At times. And only when he feels like it.  Most of the time he's making demands or fighting with his sister, Sydney, over territory, food, attention; you name it. Hence my name for him: 

The Prince of Darkness.

He is rather handsome though, sleeping in the dappled sunshine.  Sleeping being the key word and thus, unable to make demands or fight. 

Of course The Prince claimed the unmade bed after his breakfast was served and got comfy on the best (custom made!) pillows.  Perhaps I should tuck another pillow behind him.  Turn the fan on?  Or hire a maiden to serve tiny slices of fresh tuna (sushi grade, of course) and sips of Perrier when he awakens.  

Yes, I think The Prince would approve.


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