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Rainy Day Remedy

Oh, my goodness.  It is raining today.  Again.  I can deal with that but sheesh, it's been raining daily for weeks.  I was starting to feel mossy and thought, what cheers me?  How about a cup of spicy chai tea, in my favorite mug. 

So here's to rainy days, a pretty cup full of hot tea and some creative time in my studio.


What cheers you?

Garden Visitor

In our garden, spring is the season. Butterfly_1f
We have lots of spring flowering perennials and it's a delight to look out the windows or better yet, wander outside. 

After a hot, humid weekend, with torrential rain and hail on Sunday, today is cool and breezy.  Great for wandering, so I did and spied this guy, sipping from a huge flowering bush.  It was hard to catch a good shot of him, hanging onto blossoms in the wind, but my iPhone did a fairly good job.

I will have to journal with this photo and one of Impression Obsession's butterfly saying stamps. IO has wonderful quote stamps with bits of wisdom and
since I'm a fan of great quotes,
they are favorites.