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In our garden, spring is the season. Butterfly_1f
We have lots of spring flowering perennials and it's a delight to look out the windows or better yet, wander outside. 

After a hot, humid weekend, with torrential rain and hail on Sunday, today is cool and breezy.  Great for wandering, so I did and spied this guy, sipping from a huge flowering bush.  It was hard to catch a good shot of him, hanging onto blossoms in the wind, but my iPhone did a fairly good job.

I will have to journal with this photo and one of Impression Obsession's butterfly saying stamps. IO has wonderful quote stamps with bits of wisdom and
since I'm a fan of great quotes,
they are favorites.


Spring's a Poppin'

We have huge rhododendrons on our property and, for me, spring doesn't officially arrive until they bloom.  So, I was very happy to see this outside out my front door this morning... buds bursting all over the place.  Unfortunately, there were also about twenty times as many weeds all over the place.  Always something : )


Honoring Rhodies


Rhododendrons remind me of growing up outside of Philadelphia, where the rhodies were huge,  profuse and omnipresent.  I was thrilled when we bought our present house as the property was loaded with big, old rhodie bushes trees, in fuchsia, pinks and white - gorgeous!

Thankfully, I took this photo yesterday before three angry rainstorms came through, complete with lightening, thunder and hail.  Today, my rhodie flowers are looking much worse for the wear and tear Mother Nature has seen fit to inflict.

In addition to the pretty flowers, I love that rhododendrons are great little winter weather thermometers.  When the temps get really cold their leaves tightly contract to let me know not to venture out. They're my rhodo-mometers. 


I adore peonies, truly they are spectacular.  Dan and I live in a heavily wooded area and despite the lack of steady sunshine, I'm happy to have one little peony that faithfully Peony_600sends us two or three blossoms each spring.  Not many, but each is precious to me.  Here's a photo of one from last year.  If you click on it, it'll open a larger image and you can see the dew drops still gracing the petals.

Anyway... if I see a peony stamp, I'm there.  It's mine folks, just because it will remind me of that little slice of time, each spring, when I can cut one of these beauties and bring it inside to admire.  Fleeting, but oh, so sweet!

Lockhart Stamp Company's Peonies image is so pretty and fun to color too.  I always think pink when I see a peony, but apparently you can find them in coral, cream, crimson, purple, rose, scarlet, white, yellow and believe it or not, black!  Who knew?  Stampassion's second new card kit includes Karen's lovely Peonies image, along with with a little gratitude stamp, • thanks •, just what I feel when I see a beautiful flower.  Grateful. 


PeoniesCardB_350 This is the another card I did with the stamps and papers from Basic Grey's Green At Heart paper collection, included in the Peonies Card Kit, soon to go up on our website.  How appropriate since today is Earth Day!  You can really see the beautiful texture of the card stock in this photo.  They're also in the kit and the paper is called Fresh Leaf Bark. 

I'm not sure I'll try black as the next color choice for this image, but definitely yellow or coral or really... anything but black!  I don't think my coloring skills are up to that.  I'd love to see one though, I bet they're beautiful.  Here's to peonies, in any color, and spring!